Here I lie, stoned in bed
I cannot sleep with my hazy head
My stomach is clean, my stomach is pure
My family think I’m killing myself
Of this I am already sure
I don’t care as long as I first get there
When the wind will lift me off my feet
When my delicate frame shocks all those I meet
Before I die I must see in the mirror a beautiful skeleton me
Emaciated and boney a sculpture though small
Art I shall be
Before I die my lovers and doctors will pick me up and exclaim wow
She’s so very light
This may be a suicide mission but for me there’s no choice
I must be so thin I can no longer hear her nagging voice
She tells me 95 is fat
She says I’ll never get anywhere staying greedy and lazy like that
She says 3 hours a day at the gym is not good enough
She loves me but her love is harsh and rough
She tells me 350 calories a day is much to high
She says she’ll never allow that to go by
She’s loved me to my bones
She likes when there defined and toned
When my hip stick out and my collar bones create a cup
When I die perfect and you need a friend just look up
But ever she calls you don’t pick up….


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