If I die,,

If I die before I wake, know it was always my not your mistake.

Some bodies were born without a soul, with something lacking never whole.

If in the morning I am dead know there’s nothing you could have said.

If it’s true you reep what you sow then it’s far past my time to go.

I’m sorry to all the people that I’ve hurt, for the blood stains on my shirt.

I’m sorry for the drugs I have abused and all the people that I’ve used.

When you find me dead burn me to ash then throw me out with the trash.

When you find me dead, have no funeral leave nothing kind said.

Any kind word would be a lie. Keep on living accept that I had to die.

The world will be better off amass without people of my kind and class.

I have taken, I have forsaken. I’ve lied too many times and see how you cried.

I can hurt you no more, my death is your cure.

Peace be with you. This is the last thing I’ll say before the last thing I do.

Goodnight forever, I release you. Our ties I now sever.


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