Your eyes stare back at me.

There is an entity of evil, posessing a transmitted image, inside

a visual replicate.

Turn off the screen.

There is no factual news to be heard or seen.

A glass window showing copied, fake, moving, talking pictures…

You are not alive why bother to tell me lie after lie?

I can’t believe the things our society will buy.

You are just seen on a screen…bits of mirrors, lights, and glass…I could kill you.

Hit you, make you crack and break.

Through your electronic “heart” the final stake.

Subliminal messages are planted into another eager dead brain…

Nobody cares how much it causes physical and emotional pain.

Turn off the screen.


Cease the vegetation.

Write something.

Read something.

Do something.

Be some one.

Your life is not immortal it shouldn’t be wasted until the day it

no longer goes on.


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