Pretty lies, hurt/love


People hurt you and tell you pretty lies.
Each and everytime someone does a little piece of your heart dies.
And it seems though strong I am and hard I try,
When I think about what’s all happened I still sometimes cry.
Why do we need feelings? I’m tired of loss and pain.…
Why lately again so little sunshine and now so much rain?
What do I want? Who am I?
I’m far from perfect but I always have tried.

Sometimes the skin needs to cry with blood.

I tried to stand but you dropped me back into the mud.

Did you ever really value me?

Was I just someone young for with you to be?

Sometimes a stomach needs to be empty to feel pretty and clean.

Sometimes you’ll never know how the one who loved you can be so cold and mean.

Sometimes the brain needs drugs to feel sane.

Sometimes I need a needle to wipe out all the pain.

You might think I’m dumb.

I don’t care because soon I’ll feel numb.

Sometimes I want an overdose.

What would they say at my funeral?

Nothing grandiose.

She was an anorexic junky, she lived, she loved, she died.

Maybe someone will remember how hard I tried.

Most likely not, I have no merit.

Any good that came of me will be denied.

Nobody will care enough to miss me or be unable to bare it.


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