Ode to Nany Reagan

“Just say no!”

So simply you all had always told me.

Why the did I go begging for it never letting be?

Maybe I don’t need you today

Maybe I’ll let my mind instead of my cravings have

the final say

Maybe I won’t try and hustle my pills or screw over a friend

Maybe I’ll get it all together one day in the end

Maybe today I won’t feel your warmth and power surge into my vein

Maybe I won’t kill all the pain and still try and stay sane

Maybe you made me crazy

The beginnings all so long ago and very hazy

Maybe I’ve always been insane born to fuck up

Maybe I was born to sip from this death cup

But maybe not, I’ve given it thought

Maybe today I’ll give this a go..

Maybe today to myself I’ll “Just say no”

Maybe today I’ll endure the pain an sick

Maybe today I’ll truly kick



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