Death, your method

Hello inmates welcome to your cells.

Your heads’ buried in the sand,

Incapacitated by your own actions and very own hands.

Welcome to your personally made hells.

I’m sure we’ll get to know you all here very well.

Next cell to your right a crackhead sold her own daughter


Forced sex for her cocaine, it seemed a good barter.

She owes the dealer too much money and

her sex won’t pay his bills, honey.

He’ll shoot her in the head.

She’ll make a point to his other slaves to pay up once she’s found dead.

And to your left don’t worry about him, the blue man they’ve already tried to resuscitate,

we suppose here that, that booze and handful of pills to take him down was his predestined fate.

Across the hall there’s a girl who’s pulled out her own feeding tube and I.V.

It’s because at 81 pounds she’s still so very fat don’t you see?

Beside her another girl, don’t worry about.

She shoved her finger down her throat too many times, finally her esophagus ruptured and heart gave out.

Don’t scream, shout, cry, or pout.

You joined our club willingly didn’t you know death is all we are about?

There’s a teenaged boy down the hall other direction going nowhere better.

Blood stains the sleeves of his sweater.

We take turns betting how long it’ll be ’til he finally gets it right

I lost.

I thought he would have gotten that bleed out artery before last night.

Do you smell the burning hair and skin?

A husband blew his cell up making crank in the bathroom.

Take a bet on the crackhead, girl or boy?

You might win.

It’ll matter not your soul and life are already ours.

You’ve already been.

There’s no negotiations, no bail.

This is life until death.

Not a short term jail.

We’re already taking numbers gambling on your own last breath.

Just waiting to take you to your own death…

It might have been just the first time you stuck that dope filled needle in

your arm, thinking to cause no harm this very day.

Tonight you might have driven home safely drunk with no crashes on your journey’s way.

You might have just had one hit of that crack with your friend, unknowingly starting your end.

You might have lost just a few pounds a little too fast.

It matters not. Your life will soon be past.

It might have been your first time this very day.

This matters not to us we’ll first take your soul and then your life eventually anyway.

We’ve fooled brave men much more intelligent than you many times before.

Words spoken could never be more true.

Honey, there’s only one thing you might can do.

Start digging your way out as fast as you can if you’re not too deep already.

Never look back.

When you stop forgetting to fear us, that’s when we will attack.

This is your last chance.

Get out now if you can.

Otherwise, it is until death we shall dance.

It’s not a long duet, a very short dance indeed.

You’ve already planted seeds to a parasitic weed.

Run, Run, Run as fast as you can.

But if you’re not fast and properly scared we shall catch you again.

You see, we are the method man.

The fallen angel.

The prince of the earth.

And with us if you can’t escape you’ll soon smolder in the bottom of our hearth.

Make your choices wisely and give them lots of thought.

You won’t be very difficult.

We’ve got you already mostly caught.


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