Little Bean

Something grows inside of me.

I’ve read all the books

They tell me how at 10 weeks it now looks.

The size of my thumb

It’s not longer than a piece of gum.

30 more weeks a baby you’ll be.

I shall become a mommy when this being comes out of me.

What will I do if something goes wrong?

What if my body won’t alow me to carry you for so long?

I worry constantly over this little bean like thing.

I have hopes of holding it live and healthy to which I cling.

I’m unhealthy and sick and ill.

What if I can’t ever carry you despite all my good will?

If this little bean dies inside of me, so shall I this I know.

If this tiny baby dies, from this world I shall also go.

If you sweet child die, 

So must I.

For thumb sized or no,

Already I love you so.


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