Never Gonna Stop

crazy burning toxic love

chasing cars, making scars

breaking bone, sticks and stone,

meteorite hits… we’re screaming, awake but still dreaming

flying, crashing by, getting high..

have to stop.

Into the world we collide.

Together we have truly lived and often almost died.

Together we can try.

Open eye for an open eye.

Open your mind.

Catch up, look up!

Don’t lag behind.

This may be our only chance.

We have warrants to be shot on sight.

Have no heed to fright.

Take no hesitation.

If my heart stops, let it.

No resuscitation.

We are bound by no man’s law.

Together we’ll crumble, together we’ll fall.

We won’t listen to what the doctors say.

We’ve always known more anyway.

This race of life is spiralling and coming undone..

But darling aren’t you having fun?



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